On August 8, 2023, newspapers and media outlets broadcasted the devastating news that the historic town of Lahaina, Hawaii, was engulfed in flames, making this fire the deadliest in US history. The people of Maui lost everything: their family members, pets, homes, schools, businesses, and livelihood. Whenever our "Ohana" family or the people of Hawaii need support, we all rally together to assist. Love of the Sea, the nonprofit organization, immediately responded to the call by supporting the fire victims.
When tasked to create a PSA for a nonprofit organization, I knew that I wanted to help the people of Maui and continue to get the message out there. When producing the video, I scanned local newspapers with articles and photos of the devastating fire to incorporate into the video. I wanted viewers to feel and see what others were doing to support them and how they also could take action and support the people of Maui. 

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